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VOX instrument was founded in 2011 by:

Marjan Bojadjiev, PhD

Marjan Bojadjiev, PhD

Marjan Bojadjiev, PhD, is full-time Professor and Provost at the UACS since year of 2010. Prof.Bojadjiev is visiting professor at the Unviersity Tor Vergata Rome, Italy since 2016.

Bofore joining the academia, he worked in various financial organizations and chamberce of commerce. In 2017, prof. Bojadjiev has been appointed as an evaluator of ACBSP and as of 2017, prof. Bojadjiev has been inaugurated as Honorary Consul of Hungary to Republic of North Macedonia, Ohrid.

Marjan Bojadjiev, PhD

Ana Tomovska Misoska, PhD

Ana Tomovska Misoska, PhD, is full-time Professor at the UACS School of Business Economics and Management. She obtained her PhD from the School of Education, Queen’s University Belfast. Her professional engagements involve a number of research projects in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Macedonia. Her work has been concentrated on educational reforms, exploring identity building as well as entrepreneurial intentions, organizational culture, human resource management and consumer behavior. She has attented a number of national and international conferences and published in renowned academic journals.

Marjan Bojadjiev, PhD

Miodraga Stefanovska Petkovska

Miodraga Stefanovska – Petkovska, MBA, PhD, is an Associate Professor in Sociology and Organizational Behavior at the School of Psychology, University American College Skopje. She graduated on the topic of individual and economic determinants of retirement and was awarded a honorary Masters in business administration on her research on wellbeing among ageing workforce. Part of her doctoral studies were at Staffordshire University, United Kingdom as a scholar of the Open Society Institute on the topic of economic trust and cooperation among religious and ethnic minorities. She obtained a doctoral degree in social sciences and gender issues at the on the topic of Discrimination and disparities in health care. Dr. Stefanovska-Petkovska has been awarded a certificate in Statistics for health research from Oxford University. Her academic research is focused on the area of medial sociology more specifically discrimination and disparities in health, health promotion among most-at-risk populations, methodological construction of community based and health related cohorts and culture of safety in healthcare. Her current work is focused on sociology of health, with special emphasis on the intersection of employment and chronic health conditions, health literacy and self-efficacy and methodological review of community-based health-related cohorts.She has co-authored books and academic articles domestically and internationally. She has been a mentor/co-mentor of over 20 master theses. She is has also been an NGO activist for more than 15 years in the field of HIV/AIDS/STI prevention and education with special focus on most-at-risk groups. She has participated, designed and coordinated numerous national and international projects on this issue.

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