What is VOX?


Instrument was born as a result of few unanswered questions:

1) Are instruments that are relevant for one organizational culture relevant for another organizational culture?

2) Does an instrument which corresponds in Eastern part of the world, corresponds with the “behavior” dimensions to the West?

Participative Management

Decision Making Style
Decision-making and behavior popcies of the company, measured on two poles: Autocratic versus Participative or Democratic.

Work Environment
Social care or the human relations within the company, measured on two poles: Cold Versus Warm Work Environment.

Organizational Openness
Collaboration of the members of the organization and cooperation between organization and its environments, measured on two poles: Closed Versus Open Organization.

Entrepreneurial Orientation

Innovation vs. Risk Taking
Tendency toward risk taking by the company and its employees, measured on two poles: Conservative (or Risk averse) and Entrepreneurial or Open to Risk.

Organizational culture – members’ values

Organizational culture – members’ values graphic

Leaders’ values

Leaders’ values graphic