VOX 2.0 Standard

Our contribution to the management theory and practice is the typology of “4 Culture Types”. Those are...

VOX 2.0 Standard +

Organizational alignment is the congruence between the values of organizational members and the values of the leader, and embedment of the same values in the formal part of the organization....

Your organization is like an orchestra, tune all your players if you want to hear the beautiful symphony

In fact, what we have been trying to listen is the music performed by the organizational symphonic orchestra

Well trained piano tuner, will have a “fork: with resonance of 440 Hz and then upon that he /she can tune the whole 8 octaves on the piano. Similarly, good car mechanic can identify the cause of trouble shouting, purely by listening to the sound of the engine. Hereby, an compatible instrument to measure the alignment is proposed. It provides capability to listen to: the sound of the organizations; “tune” the tones which are not tuned, and eventually create efficiency and harmony”

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